Homebred champions

N SE Ch Belmara’s Hacate Enthroned
(Ch Snabswood Schnapps x Belmara’s Rosa Luxemburg)

C.I.B. Nord Ch Belmara’s Pocket Full Of Kryptonite
(Ch Evad Dream Stone of Lochkaren x Ch Shellrick’s Popcorn)
C.I.B Nord Ch NordJW-12 DKW-13 SEW-13 NVW-20-22 EUVW-22 Belmara’s Yo Mama’s A Pajama
(Ch Evad Dream Stone of Lochkaren x Ch Shellrick’s Popcorn)
N Ch Belmara’s Golden Girl
(Ch Lundecock’s Speed Limit x Ch Belmara’s Yo Mama’s A Pajama)

N Ch NJW-20 NW-22 Belmara’s Kissed By Fire
(Ch Silkwizard’s Dragon Magic x Belmara’s Limitless)

N Ch Belmara’S Georgij Sjukov
(Ch Japaro Eye Of The Storm x Belmara’s Rosa Luxemburg)

N Ch Belmara’s Man Candy
(Ch Lundecock’s Coconut x Shellrick’s Best Wish)

Other champions in our ownership

N FI DK SE Ch Shellrick’s Hot And Wow
(Brilyn Bud Wiser At Lynnswed x Shellrick’s Doris Day)
N SE Ch EUW-15 Lundecock’s Speed Limit
(Ch Tachnamadra The Designer x Lundecock’s Rainbow Lily)
SE N GB Ch Shellrick’s You May Me Luck
(Ch Sheldon Space Joker x Magganett’s Follow The Best Dream)
N Ch Joylands Just Enough
(Ch Joyland’s Magic Addition x Joyland’s Smart Enough)
N SE Ch Shellrick’s Popcorn
(Lundecock’s Moonstruck x Ch Shellrick’s Wild Honey)


NJW-21 Belmara’s Bada Bing
(Ch Joyland’s Magic Toucht x Ch Belmara’s Golden Girl)
Belmara’s Please Advice
(Ch Lundecock’s Coconut x Belmara’s Spend A Penny)
Belmara’s Street Smart
(Ch Tachnamadra The Designer x Ch Belmara’s Yo Mama’s A Pajama)
Dangereuse Idylle de Mayerling
(Ch Snabswood Status Symbol x Degallo Paws For Applause)
Imaferrari’s Icecream Rainbow
(Ch Sheldon Space Joker x Ch Imaferrari’s Walk The Rainbow)