C.I.B. NORD CH NORDJW-12 DKW-13 SEW-13 NVW-20-22 DKVW-22 SEVW-22 EUVW-22

Belmara’s Yo Mama’s A Pajama

Photo: Hanne Hedman

Sable bitch born 4.8.2011

Eytested clear as a puppy and as an adult
Pure for sable

Some show results

International beauty champion
Champion in Norway, Sweden and Denmark
Nordic junior winner 2012
Danish winner 2013
Swedish winner 2013
Norwegian veteran winner 2020 & 2022
European veteran winner 2022
Swedish veteran winner 2022
Danish veteran winner 2022
3rd top winning sheltie bitch in 2013
Intermediate bitch of the year 2013
Top winning sheltie bitch 2022
Veteran of the year 2022

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